Oxygen Concentrators

Information For Our Customers

An oxygen concentrator is a machine that separates the oxygen from the nitrogen in the air, concentrates it, and stores it for you to breathe. It provides almost 100 % oxygen concentrations. The use of this device does not reduce the oxygen in the room because of the small amount of oxygen it requires to generate enough for you to use.


  • Plug the concentrator into a properly grounded electrical wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord.
  • the switch to the ON position.
  • Adjust the flow adjustment knob until the flow meter registers the flow rate prescribed by your physician. Your physician prescribed a flow rate of ________ liters per minute.
  • Attach the tubing from your cannula (nasal prongs) to the oxygen outlet.
  • Put on the cannula and adjust for comfort.


  • Remove the nasal cannula.
  • Turn the concentrator power switch to the OFF position.
  • It is not necessary to turn the flow control OFF after it has been set properly. It should be checked, however, each time the concentrator is turned ON, and again periodically during use. The flow control may require adjustments from time to time.


Your oxygen concentrator is equipped with an alarm to alert you in case of a power failure or an equipment malfunction. If the alarm sounds first check to see that the power cord is still connected to the electrical wall outlet. Then, quickly check other electrical appliances in the home to determine if there is power failure. If there is a power failure, turn OFF the concentrator to stop the alarm. Then turn on your back-up system and connect your oxygen tubing to it. Notify our office of the malfunction immediately.